To All Our Summer Guests – Kia ora and greetings

Welcome to each of you and your whanau/families.

We are looking forward to seeing you and over the past year we have been working on improving our facilities and service to you at Sapphire Springs. Hopefully over the summer you will enjoy your time in a relaxed holiday setting at our park and its facilities.

With the recent change to the COVID-19 Protection Framework based on the traffic light system, we thought it timely to update everyone on Sapphire Springs’ position on proof of vaccinations over the holiday period, and apologise for the slightly delayed nature of this announcement.

While some sectors within the tourism industry have been mandated by government, accommodation alone is not a mandated sector. Therefore accommodation providers can operate without a requirement for guests and workers to be vaccinated if they choose. For that reason, Sapphire Springs have decided to accept both vaccinated and non-vaccinated guests during summer 21/22. The reason for this is that we believe at this late stage of people’s summer planning this is the fairest solution, however this is likely to change to vaccinated-only within the early part of 2022. As part of our commitment to keeping everyone safe and enjoying their summer, mask-wearing, social distancing and all other recommended precautions will be in place and expected to be observed by all of our guests, visitors and residents. Our pool complex can accommodate up to 275 guests based on 1-metre physical distancing within the fenced area. On top of this, we also have our 32 hectare bush and the lovely freshwater stream for everyone to explore and enjoy within the park. We would encourage you to practice safe practices as this will reduce the risk of everyone.

We would like to assure you that the holiday park’s team, including our owners, directors, staff and all contractors coming on site are fully vaccinated and we strongly recommend that every person eligible becomes fully vaccinated for everyone’s future safety and wellbeing.

The Protection Framework may be updated by the Government at any time, and we reserve the right to change the above if necessary and you will be informed of this at the earliest available opportunity.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our friendly team by email rather than phone if at all possible as we are not always able to respond by phone and we will respond to you by email as soon as we possibly can (generally within 48 hours). Our office team are trying their best at a time when emotions are running high for many people, and we ask you to remember that they are simply following the policies that have been given to them rather than being the ones making these decisions themselves, so please treat them with kindness and respect.

If you decide to cancel your reservation with us, please contact us by email so that we have this change in writing and refer to the terms and conditions in your booking confirmation. We would be happy to transfer your booking to another time if it works for you. If you are cancelling more than 72 hours before the date of arrival and are eligible for a 75% refund, please include your bank details for us so that we can arrange this for you. We will process any refunds as soon as possible but please be aware that there might be a slight delay at this busy time.

We wish you and your families all the best and hope to see you again at Sapphire Springs.

Kind regards,

Sapphire Springs Management