Frequently Asked Questions

Accommodation FAQs

Do you supply linen for your cabins?

If you are staying in our one-bedroom or two-bedroom motels, our beds come completely made up with all linen and towels provided. If you have booked the bungalow, lodge or any of our basic cabins, then the beds contain fitted sheets only. You will need to supply all your own blankets, towels & pillows for your stay. Linen is not available for hire at the park.

Do you have WIFI on-site?

Limited Wifi is available in communal areas and motels.

Do you have cell-phone reception?

Unfortunately, our park does not receive the best signal with the nearest cell-phone tower located 3KM from Sapphire Springs. If you are using Vodafone network, you may receive minimal reception but no guarantees unfortunately.

Do you have crockery and cutlery in the shared kitchen?

Our shared kitchen is NOT stocked with pots, pans, crockery or cutlery. We ask that any items you require you bring with you. These items should not be left in the shared kitchen during your stay to ensure other guests don’t accidently use them.

How much do your shared facilities cost & what are their opening hours?

Our BBQs, showers and laundry machines operate using $2.00 coins (Showers 1 x $2.00 coin per 6 mins, BBQs 1 x $2.00 coin per 15 minutes & laundry 2 x $2.00 coin for wash, 2 x $2.00 coin for dry). Our shared facilities are open 24/7 however our swimming pools and office close at 8pm in the summer and 7pm in the winter.

If we wish to book as a group, how do we ensure we stay together on the campsites?

If you wish to book as a group, the group facilitator will be responsible for handling all correspondence regarding the booking, and settling the deposit in one single payment, and then any outstanding balances due on check in as a single payment.

If you would like to book several sites or rooms, we ask that you contact us via email so that we have all of the information in writing.  If you have friends making separate bookings online, then you can add a message under “Res Note” at the time of booking to request neighbouring sites or rooms, or flick us an email and we’ll try our best to accommodate you.

Do you sell hot food, tea and coffee?

We do not have hot food, tea or coffee available onsite however occasionally on peak dates such as Christmas or new year’s, we may have food trucks serving hot food and beverages. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page so you know when you can expect this.

Can I bring my dog?

If you are staying on a campsite or powered site, you are welcome to bring your dog with you. We can allow a maximum of two per family and these must be declared in advance with our office staff prior to your arrival. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times and cleared up after immediately. They are not permitted in the swimming pool areas, outside the swimming pool areas or inside shared facilities at any time. If you are booking a room, you must leave your pet at home, even if you were planning to keep them in your vehicle.

Do you have parking available for boats?

We do not have a designated parking area for boats or secure lockup facility. If you are booking a campsite, you must ensure that your boat, vehicle and tent fit on your designated site. If you require additional space for a boat, please call the office in advance to arrange. Please note, this will not be allocated next to your cabin and may incur an additional charge.

Am I able to leave my car on site while I do the Tuahu tracks?

During off season (February 10th – December 20th) we can offer storage for vehicles for those that are doing the nearby walking tracks. Cost is dependent on dates. Please email us for further details.

Do you sell ice on site?

We have 3kg bags of ice available for purchase at reception.

Do you offer gas bottle refills?

No, we do not offer gas bottle refills but these are available in town.

Do you have long term accommodation available?

At Sapphire Springs, we occasionally offer “week to week” stays on a strict case by case basis. Guests must have full time employment, rental references and their own caravans to be considered. If you are interested in a week-to-week site, please contact us via email with your information and we can investigate further.

What time can I check in?

Check in is from 2pm – 8pm (7pm during winter) daily. This also applies to the campsites. Due to turning over a large number of rooms every day, and scheduling regular maintenance such as mowing lawns, we cannot permit early check ins.

Can you supply extra beds in our room?

Due to strict health and safety regulations and fire safety, we cannot supply extra beds in the rooms.  Each room has a maximum occupancy and this cannot be exceeded. If you require additional beds other than the ones that are already provided in your cabin, you must book an additional room or campsite.

Do you charge a bond?

Bonds are charged for group bookings only. This varies in price depending on the length of your stay and the number of guests. Please enquire via email if you wish to confirm the cost of this. Bonds are refunded after the rooms have been cleaned & checked by managers. Our bond covers damage, missing items and behaviour, so please ensure you are clear on park rules before checking in.

Are you part of camp-saver?

We do not use camp saver. During off-season we offer an NZMCA discount to adults, and occasionally we offer special deals online. Keep an eye on Camper-mate for any update on deals we are running.

How far are the pools from my campsite?

Our swimming pool complex is located at the top of the park at the end of the driveway, and our campsites start from the bottom of the driveway. This may be up to a five-minute walk from your campsites. No accommodation is located in or around the pool areas.

Are the swimming pools included in the accommodation cost?

Our outdoor swimming pool complex includes 2 hot tubs, two swimming pools and our toddlers’ pool. These are open til 8pm in the summer, and open til 7pm in winter. The pool cost is included in the cost of your accommodation. If you would like to book our private spas, these are bookable on the website or over the phone and incur an additional cost.

Do you have a dump station onsite?

Yes, we have an onsite dump station available for our park guests to use. 

Pools FAQs

What temperature are your swimming pools?

Our swimming pool temperatures are as follows: Outdoor spa pools and private spas: Between 38 and 40 degrees Celsius. These temperatures may drop slightly if they are in use all day as the covers can be constantly off. To combat this, please ensure you replace the covers after using them and limit your soak to 15 minutes.  

Our medium swimming pool sits at 30 degrees, and our large swimming pool with the slide attached sits at 25-28 degrees, although it can feel cooler on certain days.

What depth are your pools?

Our swimming pools range from 1.5 to 1.8 metres in depth. All children must be actively supervised by an adult at all times. Children must not be dropped off at Sapphire Springs without adult supervision.

What are the opening hours of the pools?

The pools are open every day of the year from 8am until 8pm (7pm during winter).

Are the pools open to the public?

Absolutely!  Every day of the year, just come straight to our drive through window and we can serve you without even getting out the car! 

Do you use chemicals in the pools?

After we close the pools each night, we use a small amount of chlorine to kill any germs and prevent the build-up of algae on the walls. However, as our pools are continuously fed with fresh mineral water from the natural spring 24 hours a day, all traces of this should be gone by the time the pools re-open at 8am the next morning.

Is there a lifeguard on duty?

We do not have a lifeguard at Sapphire Springs. All children need to be actively supervised in the pools area by a responsible adult. We do have security cameras up at the pools so staff in the office can keep an eye on what’s going on.

I want to have a party at the pools, do I need to book?

If you’re bringing a group of more than 10 to the pools, we appreciate you giving us a call in advance to let us know so we can book you in.  This also allows us to make sure we have enough parking available for everyone on the day. If you will be pre-paying for any guests, then we need a list of names upfront to avoid any confusion, but if each guest is paying for themselves on arrival, then this is a little easier but still helpful for us to know.

I just want to watch; do I still have to pay to get in?

All visitors to the pools need to pay a small entry fee whether they are swimming or not.  Spectators may want to explore our 32 hectares of native bush on one of the many bushwalks we have on site, or use facilities, or have a BBQ.

Can I use the pools for my physiotherapy?

Yes, of course, we have had many people do this at Sapphire.  We would advise visiting outside of the peak hours so the pools aren’t too busy. If you’re coming regularly, it would make sense to buy one of our concession cards for 10 or 20 swims to keep the cost down for you.

Do I need to book the private spas?
We always advise that you book online or give us a call if you want to use the private spas so we can make sure there’s one available for you, especially on the weekends or evenings as these are the most popular times. The private spas are bookable on the hour for a 45-minute slot and have a maximum capacity of 8 people. Whilst families are welcome to use the spas, we remind visitors that the spas are a relaxing, quiet spot rather than a splash pool to play in!
Can I drive my campervan up to the pools or take my caravan up with me?

No, only standard vehicles are permitted up at the pool area.

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